Victoria Distillers

Case Study

The Finest Handmade Spirits

Victoria Distillers is a nationally acclaimed maker of craft spirits, best known for the industry-leading Empress Gin.

The Process

Where It Started

Marker Group purchased local craft distillery Victoria Spirits in 2015 and relocated it to the waterfront in Sidney in May 2016. The site, owned by Marker Group, had been vacant for a number of years, and we believed a craft distillery would add interest and value to the area and the town.

Our Impact

We envisioned an expanded distillery that would become a destination for the local community and visitors alike, where people could get a front-row seat to the creation of artisan spirits and sample exceptional products.

Opening its doors in Spring 2016, the distillery marked a regional focal point at a site unmatched anywhere in the province, in both its natural setting and its environmental sustainability. Marker Group set a goal for the distillery to develop a novel, locally connected gin that could be sold and promoted worldwide. Partnering with US-based Azzurre Spirits, Victoria Distillers launched the award-winning Empress 1908 Gin to celebrate Victoria’s newly renovated iconic Empress Hotel. This spirit became the most successful ultra premium gin in North America and Victoria Distillers and the Empress 1908 Gin (reg) brand was successfully sold to Milestone Brands in 2022. Under the new ownership, Victoria Distillers continues to grow and is a key part of the Victoria and BC economy.

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