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Thriving Communities

Building the Future

As a communities’ needs evolve, Marker Group looks for opportunities to contribute in a positive way. Often we develop properties that require imagination to ensure all stakeholders benefit, including the generations that will live and work within them in the future. We enjoy engaging with residents, businesses and municipalities to find ways to add both tangible and intangible value.

Our Expertise

Skilled Evaluation

Using our many decades of experience in financial, regulatory and project management, we can quickly assess a project’s attributes to determine if there is a viable project inclusive of all stakeholders’ needs.

Enriching Developments

Marker Group creates value from properties that may present challenges due to regulatory, environmental, financial or ownership structure. We enrich communities through the process of land development.

Lasting Relationships

We continue to support the communities we develop, championing charities, creating businesses that foster employment and partnering with landowners and entrepreneurs to make a positive impact.

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