Marker Capital

Collaborative Investments

Realizing Potential

Whether as an experienced alternative source of lending or as an equity partner, Marker Group offers flexibility, knowledge and financial means. From an understanding of how big picture ideas translate to economic growth, to experience with regulations, consumer trends and intellectual property, we have a unique ability to quantify risk and identify best opportunities for expansion and profit.

Key Areas

Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism

Marker Group has extensive experience in real estate investing, project management, hospitality and tourism. While we continue to own and operate in-house projects, we also partner, invest and lend to opportunities we believe will be successful.

Liquor and Cannabis

Both the liquor and cannabis industries are highly regulated. With our experience in these established and emerging sectors, we leverage our know-how to ensure opportunities for growth can be realized while navigating this challenging and ever-changing landscape.

Technology and Intellectual Property

With a background as a telecommunications executive and a history of success developing consumer brands, Marker Group President Grant Rogers guides our team in assessing how value can be created and protected through strategic intellectual property investments.

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