The Strait & Narrow

Case Study

A Salute to the West Coast

Inspired by sunsets, ocean dips and stunning mountain views, we wanted to create a product that embodied the lifestyle of the place we call home. With high-quality local ingredients, each canned cocktail features custom gins and vodkas, making the handcrafted blend just right.

The Process

Where It Started

The idea to create The Strait & Narrow came from an admiration of BC’s beautiful locale and a desire to innovate using the knowledge gained from our success in the liquor industry. We wanted to make a beverage that would be convenient to bring on outdoor adventures, represented our beautiful coastal scenery and featured flavourful botanicals we sourced in our backyard. With over a decade of creating award-winning gins at Victoria Distillers, we knew we could make something special.

Our Impact

Our hunch was correct. With only three years in business, The Strait & Narrow has a fleet of four gin and four vodka cocktails that are now available in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Strait and Narrow is now a “call brand” within the Ready to Drink (RTD) industry in Western Canada. We continue to serve consumers amazing drinks while celebrating their commitment to the beauty of the West Coast and the Rockies. United by a dedication to protect and preserve our resources, The Strait & Narrow has partnered with like-minded local organizations that create sustainable branded apparel, promote a healthy and clean environment, grow organic food and share sustainable living practices.

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