The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa

Case Study

A Key Waterfront Amenity

As part of the mixed-use pier development, the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa provided a much needed amenity for local businesses, residents and tourists. Operating as a boutique waterfront destination and complementing Sidney’s revitalization, the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa is an anchor for the main street of the town. Marker Group and their partner COM Investments continue to own and manage the hotel.

The Process

Where It Started

Marker Group purchased the lands in Sidney in 2001 after numerous unsuccessful development attempts by others. Zoned as a hotel site, Marker collaborated with the Town of Sidney to create a mixed-use development that would contain a hotel as one of its key amenities. The building set a new standard for quality in the small town and Marker worked with industry experts to design and operate a premium boutique style hotel, restaurant and spa. Operating since 2007, the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa continues to enhance the neighbourhood and stimulate the local economy.

Our Impact

Not only a pinnacle of waterfront luxury, the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa set a new standard for environmental sustainability. The site features an ultra-efficient geothermal energy utility that heats and cools the Sidney Pier Hotel, its residences and the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre by using energy from the ocean. In addition to being a shopping and hospitality destination, the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa has become a hub of the local community’s economy. Marker Group’s revitalization of the waterfront helped fund the creation of Beacon Park, the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre and a new building for the local tourist centre.

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